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[DPRG] air conditioner

Subject: [DPRG] air conditioner
From: rljordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Thu Jun 12 15:57:01 CDT 2003

Seems there is more $20 offers than just the $100 worth.
Perhaps it would be wise to buy a $150 to $200
unit to get the extra BTUs.


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Steve writes:

> Another $20 here.  I suggest we enclose the back of the AC
> unit, and run some ducting with a fan to an outside vent,
> either on an exterior wall or the roof. So the waste heat
> would get vented directly outside.

Looks like we have the money!  This is really an investment to
protect the equipment we already have.  I doubt the computers
would make it thru the summer without it.

We also need to think about where the condensation will run off.


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