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[DPRG] RE: Plastics manufacturers?

Subject: [DPRG] RE: Plastics manufacturers?
From: botter at logicalworld.com botter at logicalworld.com
Date: Thu Jun 12 18:25:01 CDT 2003

Greetings To All fellow roboters From Atlanta, Ga

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>>>>  Original Message START
> I have a friend (with no craftsmanship ability or desire) who's looking
>a local plastic manufacturer to prototype an idea (possibly injection
>probably no bigger than 1' in any dimension)... any recommendations?
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I understand when you say your friend has "no craftsmanship ability or
desire", as I
have known a few "idea" people over the years. ( "No, I don't know how to do
it, and don't
want to know, those are details that are for you to figure out, I just have
the IDEA!" )

As far as the doing of it or getting it done, someone may want to look at
products from
Alumilite Corporation (http://www.alumilite.com/ )
Synair ( http://www.synair.com/ )
Smooth-On ( http://www.smoothon.com/ )
These companies make two part liquid casting resins which cure to hard
plastics and mold
making materials as well as sell training material (videos) on the use of
there products.
I have used products from all of the above in creating parts for robots with
much success.
If you contact these companies they may be able to refer you to someone who
can prototype
the part for you, (and I think Alumilite Corp. has someone who can give you
a bid from drawings).

You might also want to post the request to the following newsgroups,
(if your I.S.P. does not carry these groups you can use GOOGLE to access

If you have a college or technical trade school in the area that teaches
drafting, architecture, could be that some student would do it to have
something for
there resume / portfolio / grad project ?

Are the dimensions actually one foot (1') or should that be one inch (1")?
It is easy to hit the wrong key. If drawings exist and your friend can not
anyone local, and wants to contact me I might consider working with them
Contact me if you wish at botter at logicalworld.com

Mike Lynch
(Member "Atlanta Hobby Robot Club" http://www.botlanta.org )

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