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[DPRG] Clubhouse, et al

Subject: [DPRG] Clubhouse, et al
From: bkharlan at bkharlan.com bkharlan at bkharlan.com
Date: Thu Jun 12 22:10:01 CDT 2003


"World HQ" sounds a little more global than "DALLAS Personal Robotics Group"
"Clubhouse", "Garage" - perhaps each lacks sophistication.
"Skunk Works" has this air of secrecy about it.
"Development Center" - DPRGDC - what do you think?
"Center of Excellence" is a popular corporate choice.
"Robot University" Ambiguous, or does it lead one to think of "Hamburger
"Robot Evolution Center"? "Evolution Lab"?
"Transmogrifier"? Only if projects went poorly, I suppose.

As for the A/C situation - has anyone considered making the A/C unit remote
and perhaps using existing ductwork to transport cold air? Like a central
unit built from a window unit. Of course the comment about actually
repairing the existing unit was a bit odd from this group- I expected
someone to offer to modify it to run on Jolt Cola with a hacked stepper
motor or something.

With tongue firmly in cheek,


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