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[DPRG] Clubhouse, et al

Subject: [DPRG] Clubhouse, et al
From: rten at new.metronet.com rten at new.metronet.com
Date: Fri Jun 13 22:49:01 CDT 2003

That's the best one I've heard so far!

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Chuck McManis wrote:

> At 10:18 AM 6/13/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >I don't think big names will not be used.  Such as "I am going down to the
> >DPRG Center for Robotics Excellence" Warehouse or Club House is preferable
> >IMHO.  Acronyms are over used. "I am going to the RBNO at the DPRGDC." I
> >don't think so.
> Why not just call it "The Lab" ? Full name DPRG Robotics Laboratory.
> --Chuck
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