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[DPRG] Warehouse A/C

Subject: [DPRG] Warehouse A/C
From: W. E. Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Wed Jun 18 18:47:01 CDT 2003

BTW, if anyone DOES want to help tonight, I'm heading to Home Depot to buy
two parts and then I'll be at the warehouse by 7:15pm. Bring gloves and
clothes that can get VERY dirty. We're dismantling the old non-working
furnace/air conditioner by the bathroom so we can mount the new a/c in the
wall. (Yeah - it's a lot of work but there are a lot of good reasons for
doing it this way.)

~Bill Cole

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Subject: [DPRG] Warehouse A/C
> Secondly, this unit has three operation modes: Cool, Fan, and Dry. The Dry
> (dehumidifier) setting will be useful during the winter months to protect
> our library from excess moisture. This will save us the cost of buying a
> separate machine to keep the room dry later when the weather gets colder.
> I'm working on the install tonight (anyone want to help?) so hopefully it
> will be in place and running by the next RBNO.

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