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[DPRG] Warehouse A/C-Proxy VOTE for A/C!

Subject: [DPRG] Warehouse A/C-Proxy VOTE for A/C!
From: W. E. Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Thu Jun 19 10:42:00 CDT 2003

A good idea! I had asked Mike about his electric rate yesterday, but the lady that handles that won't be in until (Monday?) so it will be a few more days before we can calculate exact rates (although we already know it will be cheaper than the 10cents/per I was using in my projections). At RBNO a few people were looking at different in-line power meters will might be able top use to get actual useage readings. I'll keep everyone posted as we get information.

~Bill Cole
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  Subject: RE: [DPRG] Warehouse A/C-Proxy VOTE for A/C!

  I'll support this project. I'll vote for it.

  I only envision the AC being needed during the summer months, so I don't see it needed much in the winter.

  But I think we need to find out what the electric bill KWH usage is before we fire it up.

  Thus we'll be able to see about what the AC is using before and after we fire it up.

  Granted it varies a lot in some cases, but at least we should see some sort of trend.

  Maybe someone can write down what the meter numbers are before it's fired up and then afterwards at each RBNO for a while.

  Then we'll be able to chart the numbers and see what we really got.
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