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[DPRG] Thank you Cole for the AC;) DPRG Listing

Subject: [DPRG] Thank you Cole for the AC;) DPRG Listing
From: PapertigerVT at aol.com PapertigerVT at aol.com
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:19:01 CDT 2003

I would like to say....

That the DPRG really does thank Bill Cole for all his hard work he has done 
around the Clubhouse!!!  For those that have not been to RBNO, or seen the 
changes, you have no idea the changes that have occurred.   I hope everyone has an 
opportunity to come to the October meeting, not to mention the line up Kip 
has been achieving (great show;).  Back to business: Cole has put a lot of hard 
sweat and time into the lab.  I think the core here is that he is not leading 
us astray.  We will all work it out.   I am glad he is a member, as with all 
my heroes... great guys~all of you!

Mike Dodson, my lurking pal, thank you!   Do we have your blessing?    You 
are the final words me thinks? 

Jeff:  what is the proxy vote, for the record do we have a majority?  
(Secretarially speaking;)
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