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[DPRG] Warehouse A/C-Proxy VOTE for A/C!

Subject: [DPRG] Warehouse A/C-Proxy VOTE for A/C!
From: Ed Koffeman edk at kinetric.com
Date: Thu Jun 19 19:01:01 CDT 2003

It's a long trip for me, too, so I don't expect to directly benefit from the
resources that have been set up there. (Though I do intend to show up

However, it's a really great thing for the health of the club and helps fulfill
its purpose.

I think the indirect benefits make it worth paying for.

On a strictly monetary basis, I would guess that we might very well get a good
chunk of the money back per year in membership dues from people for whom the
Resource Center (to throw a name into the hat) makes the difference between
joining and not joining the club.  But even without that possibility I think
it's worth it.

Ed Koffeman

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> The warehouse is a great club resource for those that have 
> regular access. Since some of us have to drive a long way 
> (120 miles round trip for me) its not such a good deal, 
> especially since it costs me about $12 in gas to get there. I 
> would like to see my dues go toward things the club as a 
> whole uses, like the event courses, speaker gratuities, 
> shirts, prizes, etc...
> > I vote in favor of proposal. The warehouse is a great club resource.
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