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[DPRG] beginner's book/tutorial

Subject: [DPRG] beginner's book/tutorial
From: Chris Rauschuber crauschuber at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Jun 21 11:44:01 CDT 2003

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a good beginner's book on robot building.  However, I
guess I should first ask if it's possible to learn robotics from a
book.  I've found _Robot Builder's Bonanza_, which seems to be pretty
popular, but I wanted to get some expert opinions first.  

Any recommendations for books, online tutorials, or anything else would
be much appreciated.  My apologies if this is already in the RoboLinks
section and I missed it = )

BTW - I've only been on the list for a week or so, but I've been very
impressed with how active and organized this group is(and a great
website, to boot!).  I guess that's to be expected with an organization
that's been around this long.


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