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[DPRG] Meeting July 12 - Bar-B-Q and Swap Meet

Subject: [DPRG] Meeting July 12 - Bar-B-Q and Swap Meet
From: Drummond, John j-drummond1 at ti.com
Date: Mon Jun 23 08:24:01 CDT 2003

  The July meeting will be a Bar-B-Q (hamburgers, hot dogs, and anything
else you want to bring) AND a swap 
meet.  There will be lots of space to display your items for swapping.
Bring your wife/husband/kids/pets/friends,
all are welcome, just let Vicki Taylor know so we know how many burgers and
dogs to purchase.  You might
be assigned to bring some other food item (potato salad, coleslaw, soft
drinks, chips, etc.) to share with
everyone else.

  MapQuest gives a good enough map to find my place:

  2407 Forest Grove Estates Road
  Allen, TX 75002

Home phone: 972 562 5966 

  Bring your swimsuits, there is a pool.  Anyone who brings a robot that
goes completely underwater AND surfaces
will certainly impress the attendees.

  Meeting starts at 12:00 noon, show up early and get a few laps in the pool
to work off all the burgers and dogs.

John Drummond
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