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[DPRG] voltage multiplier for NMOS Hbridge

Subject: [DPRG] voltage multiplier for NMOS Hbridge
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Thu Jun 26 23:41:01 CDT 2003


It could be 5 of the Gates Energy Products (Now Hawker Energy Products -
http://www.hepi.com) 2V cells hooked in series, like the ones that Frank
Elia has at the warehouse.  Granted, they are a special case, and a bit

Of course, 8 Nicads would provide about 10 volts, also.

But Ralph's question was about cell technology.  My understanding is that a
battery is made up of several cells.  I may be wrong.

What is the highest voltage cell technology that people know of?

I wouldn't want to know what 10 of those 1.0000 reference cells would cost.
I haven't heard anyone mention them in years!


Bill Wrote:
>Maybe its 5 of the 2 volt SLA cells Tanner has? Or 10 of those 1.0000
>volt reference batteries.

Ralph Wrote:
>> I noted a 10v. battery shown. I am not aware of a cell technology that
>> produces that voltage????

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