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[DPRG] May 10th Meeting Minutes

Subject: [DPRG] May 10th Meeting Minutes
From: PapertigerVT at aol.com PapertigerVT at aol.com
Date: Sun May 11 15:14:01 CDT 2003

May 10th Meeting Minutes

Guests:   8
Members:  30
Robots: 5

Summer of TSP demonstrated the Segway Human Transporter - Very Cool (some 
latecomers missed seeing this -sorry maybe we can have another demo soon)
Runs for 15 miles or 8 hrs @ 11 mph
Weight: 65#
Every features has 3x redundancy 
4 sensors on the stand to monitor passenger
Steering controlled on the left handle bar with 3 keys for various speeds
Handles driver of 100 - 300#

Welcome to visitors
New Micros motors available for members who missed last months meeting
Upcoming meetings - Some good stuff!
    June 14th - Randy Dumse - "Programming in "Real Time""
    July 12th - BBQ
    August 9th - David P. Anderson - SRO4, BalanceBot and Next Bot Details
RBNO -  This Tuesday's meal - Tacos & Enchiladas (so good last time-bring 
sodas if unsure what to bring)
Update by Charlie Youngblood and Bill Cole
    Working to finish out (5) Workstations and now
      Have the camera to start the video feed for non-attending members
    Every member to have their own Mailbox to keep their projects at the 
Tapes of last Contest available
New Member forms available and Maps to lunch out "afterwards" - (ANGRY DOG 
Attendance 16!)

Presentation by Dale Wheat - Interfacing with RC Servo Motors, with hands on 
Thanks Dale - you did a great job!  We really enjoyed it…
Thanks to Cindy for making the visual possible.  She was able to project his 
detail work up on a screen so everyone could see!  No bad seats in the house. 
http://dalewheat.com/robots/servos.php   (For people who missed out, find the 
show here)
·   Travis and BJ got to do a hands on servo experience.  (Great job guys!)

We used every minute of our meeting time with fun filled robo hours, glad to 
say I had to move the crowd out to the hall.   It was a good one for those 
who missed.   We missed you Jeff, and hope your back next time.  We're 
excited to have Randy Dumse in to do "Real Time" programming.   Don't be 
late!  You don't want to miss anything…  I've wanted to get to Coyote Ugly - 
think we'll try it at the next meeting's lunch (just 3 buildings down from 
Angry Dog).   See you there!

Vicki Taylor
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