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[DPRG] Radioshack Order/ Rockman Amp

Subject: [DPRG] Radioshack Order/ Rockman Amp
From: Frank & Gail Elia elia_frank at hotmail.com
Date: Mon May 12 10:36:02 CDT 2003

Radioshack has a great commercial cat. with lots of electronic components. 
I'm planning to place an order (sorry Jeff, could never get my act together 
for your order) and the cool thing is they have a will call oickup in Ft. 
Worth so no shipping fees! I'll bring the cat on tuesday if anyone wants to 
join in on the order.

Also my old but still cool rockman amp has decided it only wants to deliver 
one channel of sound. It looks like the main output is by 2 lm386s to give 
stereo (or stereo like output.) I've put the o'scope on it looks like there 
are some issues that need to be resolved. It is all through hole. I'll bring 
it to RBNO in hopes some of you opamp gurus can give me a hand getting it 
back up and running.


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