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[DPRG] Update: Computer room at the warehouse.

Subject: [DPRG] Update: Computer room at the warehouse.
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Wed May 21 21:08:01 CDT 2003

Do we have a wireless access point in there yet?

Somebody I know found an off-brand wireless PC card for about $25-30
dollars -- I think it was the house brand for CompUSA or similar. At any
rate it had a chipset supported by Linux, if someone needs it. I'll get more
details if needed.

As far as the mice, check with Dirtbag's (electronic discount sales) -- they
typically have all sorts of obsolete stuff.

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> Here's a quick update on what's going on with the computer lab at the
> warehouse - I call it a lab because it's more than one room now....
> Currently, we have the main Linux server and one of the Windows
> online (internet accessible). The other workstations are running but not
> networked yet. In the computer room itself we will have the server,
> workstation, and two Windows workstations. Charlie Youngblood has been the
> driving force behind setting up two additional workstations in the main
> foyer area. We'll be moving the oscilloscopes and solder stations to these
> two workstations, since this area is better ventilated than the computer
> room (at least for now).
> Steve Rainwater did some testing/programming on the webcam. He got it up
> running, to a limited degree, and he said he play around with the software
> to improve the performance to the level we're looking for. I think he's
> an excellent start, especially considering all the work here's doing on
> other parts of this project.
> We had a (7 port?) hub donated that just needed a power supply. We already
> had a 4 port hub that was too small for our need but it turns out it uses
> the same the power supply we needed for the bigger hub, so everything
> out well there.
> We've had a lot of equipment donated to the project but one of the biggest
> problems we've run into so far is that nearly all of the computers are
> AT style motherboards/cases that use serial mice (which we don't have any
> of). For the short term, we need 3-4 SERIAL mice to get all the
> up and networked. For the long term, I'd like to put out a general call
> any spare ATX systems, motherboards or cases, which we can use to replace
> the AT style systems. We have plenty of PS/2 type keyboards and mice
> donated, so we don't need any of these, we just need the systems to use
> them. I suspect that this phase of the project will be finished within the
> next 2 weeks.
> One of the suggestions that's been considered for the next phase is
> acquiring a couple of wireless PCMCIA network cards to allow folks with
> their own laptops to bring them to RBNO and be able to jack into the
> while they sit out in the main area of the warehouse, instead of being
> to cram into the computer room. We're not sure if this is a realistic plan
> or not, a lot will depend on cost, but it's one of the ideas that's being
> considered.

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