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[DPRG] Donation of 19" Rack + some other fun stuff

Subject: [DPRG] Donation of 19" Rack + some other fun stuff
From: R. Steven Rainwater srainwater at ncc.com
Date: Sat Nov 1 16:19:01 CST 2003

Bill Cole showed up Thursday morning to help me pick up the 19" rack I
bought and the one that was donated to the DPRG. I rented a truck and
the two of us headed out to Las Colinas. The company donating the
equipment is a dot com that's closing the doors of its DFW office and
had to be out of their office space this week. A friend of mine, Jeff
Dalehite, works there and let me know about the hardware.

It turned out they still had a lot of other stuff to clear out and
weren't able to sell, so we got a little more than expected. In the end,
we made two round trips to the warehouse and got a huge pile of stuff
including a total of 3 racks (not including one we picked up for Karim's
non-profit group and the one I bought), 2 working Dell 17" monitors,
several working UPSs and a couple of non-working ones, a bunch of
non-working laptops, 5 non-working desktop machines, lots of ethernet
cables, some ethernet hubs, a pile of hard drives, all sorts of
adapters, power supplies, and other random stuff. Even some trash cans
and a new table. It was an all-day moving job and we finished around

Bill will be going through some of the hardware like the laptops to see
if he can get some working units put together. And we'll be upgrading
some of the boxes we have now with parts from the new ones. Also, since
we can't store all this junk at the warehouse indefinitely, Bill
suggested selling off what the group can't use (in particular the two
extra racks that we don't have room to store) and using the money to buy
some things we really need like additional tools. I think this is great

Everyone can check out our loot at next Tuesday's RBNO. If you feel like
it, email Jeff Dalehite <jeff at dalehite.com> and thank him for the
generous donation. We invited him to come out to an RBNO and he may show
up in the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, I blew a total of $162.82 on the truck ($146.82 for rental &
mileage plus $16.00 on gas). I hadn't orginally planned on two round
trips but it was a now or never sort of thing. It wasn't approved up
front but if the DPRG wanted compensate me for all or part of that, I
wouldn't complain.  I think we got more than our money's worth out of
it. And if we go with Bill's plan of selling the racks and some of the
hardware we don't need, we'll probably come out way ahead.


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