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[DPRG] Set Scott up with PC

Subject: [DPRG] Set Scott up with PC
From: Charlie W Youngblood chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Mon Nov 3 17:49:01 CST 2003

Agreed. :-)

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian

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In a message dated 10/31/2003 7:41:49 PM Central Standard Time, 
daweasel at swbell.net writes:

> Scott, our young RBNO West member, could probably make use of one of
> PC's. We need to set him up a DOS / Win95 box to do some Stamp stuff.
> > We will need to get rid of some spare computer equipment at the
> > once I finish doing some hardware upgrades this weekend. Please email
> if you would like an older Pentium system. (Sorry, they won't have a
> drive and will only have 32meg memory). We have some P-90's thru
 and they will be on a first come, first served basis.

I have some hard drives and extra memory that will fit those units.  We
take care of this with Cole at RBNO and then transfer at the meeting this

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