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[DPRG] November 8th Meeting Minutes

Subject: [DPRG] November 8th Meeting Minutes
From: PapertigerVT at aol.com PapertigerVT at aol.com
Date: Sun Nov 9 02:02:01 CST 2003

Meeting Minutes of the DPRG 
The Science Place, Dallas Tx.
November 8th, 12:00- 2:00 PM
Moderated by Vicki Taylor, Club VP

6 Guests   (Good to have you visit)
4 Robots  (Always nice to have in the house)
32 Members 

A copy of a new magazine "Servo, The Magazine for Robots, By Robots" was made
available to all in attendance.

Lecture on PID controls for robots was presented by club member Rick Bickle
subtopics and highlights of the lecture included:
    Why we need PID
    PWM & duty cycle
    H bridge motor driver circuitry
    Optical encoder circuitry
    Common open and closed loop control systems
    PID control loop systems, proportional, integral and  
    derivative terms explained
    over / under / critical damping examples
    PID implementation, tuning variables, error terms
    PID pitfalls, integral windup,PWM overflow
    PID tuning, mathematical and brute force methods
    Question and answer period

Randy Dumse will have a camera running on his robot during the November 11th 
talent show/table top/mini sumo contest to be projected on a TV monitor. 
The new T- shirt design will be at the t-shirt manufacturer this month.  With 
new T-shirts/polos should be ready for sale in January.

There is a fire sale on the remaining stock of old T-shirts/Polos.
Get with Vicki Taylor (hvtaylor at iwon.com) if interested-sizes available are 

John Drummond's lawyer is currently reviewing the 501c documentation. 
It will be sent out this month for approval by the Government Non-profit 
Agency to complete it.  Approximately 30-60 days.

November 15th Contest:  Science Place 12:00-2:00 pm.
3 Judges arranged for Dave Peterson, Martin Meier, and Robert 
11:00 am- Judge Leaders: Rick Bickle and Ralph Tenny will train the judges an 
hour before competition.
9:00 am - John Drummond, Brian Merrit, Vicki Taylor and Martin Meier will do 
transportation of the platforms-Table Top and Sumo Ring.
Video - Cindy Rivers
Timer:  John Drummond
Scorekeeper - Teresa Trotman
Sign up Table - John Drummond and Vicki Taylor
MC- Kip Moravec (Is also bringing award certificates)

Members approved $100 funds, to have some more Tanner's certificates 
purchased for prizes.   All contestants plan on being there 1 hr ahead of time for 

"Cool Blue" on Main in Deep Ellum will be investigated for the lunch 

2004 Officer Nominations:
Pres:       John Drummond
VP:     Frank Elia and Brian Merritt 
        (2 officers are being considered for this office in order to support 
each other).
Treasurer:    Martin Meier
Librarian:  Charlie Youngblood and Bill Cole 
        (2 officers are being considered for this office to combine support).
Secretary:  Still Open for nominations

Somebody is needed to handle routine Club PR and Prize Committee.
Contest Committee - Kip Moravec

Show & Tell:
Club member, Karim Virani showed the dance floor material that might be used 
in future robot courses.  He demonstrated how the surface of the material 
be made less reflective by scuffing it with a sander

Club member, David Martineau showed his tether-controlled robot.

Member demo of ELF was shown off which stands for Electronic Line Follower.

Meeting attendees were invited to get together at "Coyote Ugly" immediately 
after the close of the meeting

Meeting Closed

PS:  Thanks go to Chris Yahn for doing the meeting minutes for me.   I 
apologize for any names not complete or any errors ;)  So many members to keep up 
with, a good thing.  
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