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[DPRG] MiniSumo Contest

Subject: [DPRG] MiniSumo Contest
From: Rick J. Bickle rbickle at swbell.net
Date: Mon Nov 17 08:59:00 CST 2003

Well, stuff happens.

I suppose I can't really complain about the rules, since it was I who
agreed to go over the rules for the judges in the first place. I should
have read through them completely.

Next time Randy!


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To: Karim Virani; DPRG; Kipton Moravec
Subject: Re: [DPRG] MiniSumo Contest

Yes, I looked at this too, this was my mistake. I had thought that a
start before the required 5 seconds was a violation that lost that
round, from my rememberance of minisumo matches in Seattle. The rules do
read, as Kip points out, that it requires 2 such false starts before an
individual round is forfeited. The sad thing is that we had 3 copies of
the rules thanks to David Ackley, but did not consult them when this
came up earlier with Scotts robot false start.  For this I owe an
apology to both Scott and Rick in that they both should have received a
second chance at a round before round forfeiture, and even a third
before match forfeiture.  I didn't actually recall more than one false
start at other clubs contests, so never saw the point system used, just
basically 2 rounds out of 3 rather than using Yuko points. At least we
were consistently incorrect in our interpretation of the rules! : )
Hopefully better with more rules consultation in the future.


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Subject: Re: [DPRG] MiniSumo Contest

> I think we did it wrong.  But not the way you suggest.
> Article 17. (Match Conduct)
> A team is in violation if:
>     * They enter into the ring during the match, except when the team 
> does so to bring the robot out of the ring upon the chief judge's 
> announcement of Yuko or after the match is stopped. To enter into the 
> ring means a part of a team member's body is in or directly above the
>     * They perform any of the following deeds:
>     * Demand to stop the match without appropriate reasons.
>     * Halts the start of a round more than the one time allowed for in

> Article 8.
>     * Take more than 30 seconds before resuming the round, unless the
> judge announces a time extension.
>     * Start operating robot within 5 seconds after Gyoji announces 
> start
> the round.
>     * Do or say that which should disgrace the fairness of the match. 
> I interpret the rules that if a robot starts early it is in violation 
> of Article 17.
> Looking at the penalties:
> Article 19. (Penalty Accumulations)
> Each occasion of the violations described in Article 17 shall be 
> accumulated. The first such violation results in a warning. A second 
> violation results in loss of round and shall give one Yuko to the
> A third results in loss of round, loss of match, and one Yuko to the
> So for a false start (in which we had two different cases) we issued a
> of round.  We should have issued a warning, and restarted. If it 
> happened
> second time, then it was a loss of round.  If it happened a third time
> it was a loss of match (equivalent of two losses).
> I am sorry for the mistake.  It appears that the MC, judges, and 
> contestants are not up to speed on the sumo rules as we should be.  It
> not happen again.  I will know the rules better next time.
> Kip
> At 06:13 PM 11/15/03, Karim Virani wrote:
> >Much thanks to the judges for awarding my son Max a certificate - 
> >he's very proud of it and I hope he'll continue in the hobby.
> >
> >I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here, but I was interested in 
> >the false-start issue.  I'll say my piece and leave it to the rules 
> >committee whether to consider the issue.
> >
> >I found that there was a violation specified if the operator were to 
> >"Start operating robot within 5 seconds after Gyoji announces start 
> >of the round."  Article 17 paragraph 4 in the 'draft' contest rules 
> >on the
> >website: http://www.dprg.org/competitions/minisumo.html
> >
> >The penalty is losing the whole match, not just the round.
> >
> >But maybe the intention of that language doesn't match the strictest 
> >interpretation.  I don't have a problem with builder's having to face

> >the consequences if they push their designs into an un/metastable 
> >starting position, but perhaps some language about unintentional 
> >false starts might be useful.
> >
> >Maybe allow each competitor 1 unintentional false-start per round.  2

> >false starts results in a loss of the round and the judges get to 
> >determine the meaning of 'unintentional'.  The trick is to stop the 
> >round immediately in case of a false start - just like in other 
> >competitions.
> >
> >Karim
> >
> >
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