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[DPRG] Atmel AVR Programming Problems

Subject: [DPRG] Atmel AVR Programming Problems
From: rten at new.metronet.com rten at new.metronet.com
Date: Sat Oct 4 18:34:01 CDT 2003

Yes, I seem to remember that requirement.

On 4 Oct 2003, Bill Boyer wrote:

> I believe I was using the DOS command-line assembler, linker and
> uploader when I was messing with the AT90S1200's. In any case, if you
> bought them at Tanner's you may find you have to parallel program them
> the first time to enable the serial programming.
> > > Should I be using AVRStudio 3.5 instead of 4.0?
> >
> > The question is why would you want to use AVR Studio at all?  Even the Atmel
> > people suggest using something else.
> >
> > But to answer your question politely, then yes, you could use AVR Studio 3.5
> > instead, and it should support the AT90S1200.
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