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[DPRG] Speaking of the meeting Saturday...

Subject: [DPRG] Speaking of the meeting Saturday...
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Mon Oct 6 21:31:00 CDT 2003


We did not change that part of the rules and were unaware the course was
not as stated. I will correct that before we post the new rules.

> > Don't forget we are voting on the proposed rule changes. In case you
> > forgot, here is a copy of the proposed rules:
> >
> 8< snip >8
> > Course
> >
> > The contest course boundaries are defined by 12" high walls. The walls
> > are non-metallic (wood) and are painted flat white. Course dimensions
> > shown are approximate and contestants should be prepared for variations
> > of up to 6" in any direction.
> FYI, the current walls are 8" high, not 12".  I suppose you could say that
> the clause about 6" variation encompasses that fact, but it might be better
> to list them accurately.

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