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[DPRG] RE: Atmel AVR Programming Problems

Subject: [DPRG] RE: Atmel AVR Programming Problems
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Tue Oct 7 23:02:01 CDT 2003

It is nice to hear from someone so far away.
Thanks for the information.
DPRG gets all over the world.
I guess we better be careful what we say. :)
Who knows who you could influence.

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Subject: [DPRG] RE: Atmel AVR Programming Problems

Hello from Argentina,

      I have the same problems with the 1200ÂŽs a time ago, when
use this for a speed controller for a electric R/C plane.

and this is mi experience.

1-if you want to program with a PC and a generic program
  using the parallel port (0 part programmer) , this working
  only in a 386/486/ old pentiuns in pure DOS. not in a DOS
  windows, (the avr2313 program fine in even a DOS windows).
  so may be not program correctly the part, even i fry a couple
  of parts doing testing.

2-If you want to program to intern clock, you can done this
  whit a paralell program with 12V VPP, may be the Taffe programer
  (you can download the files in www.dontronics.com) and write a
  program to write the fuses bytes or you can wire a 80CXX to done
  the job , but you still need to use 12 V VPP. (i use this method
  if you like i can send the assembler 8052 code to write the fuses.
3-The best and cheap programmer for the AVRÂŽs in ISP mode, is descript
  in the AVR910  of Atmel, i built 2 units from a Kit buy in the local
  electronic store, and working very fine, can program directly from
  AVR Studio, and the best is conected via RS-232, so the Machine
  Speed or Windows are not a problem.
4-Please note. when you use the 1200ÂŽs with internal clock and
  you use this to doing precise timing (measuring pulses, generating
  signals, etc), and you use batt for supply this, the Clock frecuency
  NOT IS CONSTANT, Vs VCC, so see this in the Data Sheets. (now i
  testing a TINY12L whit internal clock).

For last, Happy TACOS, our grup (not robotic) meet twice a month and
we enyoy ASADOS (like a bbqÂŽ) the pictures are in www.smokealert.com.ar


Juan Jose

pd. my english is very poor!!

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