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[DPRG] whats a wheg? and then some

Subject: [DPRG] whats a wheg? and then some
From: MannyGerm at aol.com MannyGerm at aol.com
Date: Sat Oct 18 18:20:59 CDT 2003

   i picked up a copy of nuts and volts and theres an article on RoboPedes. 
this guy made one of these cool looking catterpillar like robots with something 
called a wheg. They say its a cross between a leg and a wheel (as the name 
suggests). If anyone can describe that in greater detail, please enlighten me. 
   another thing im wondering is if the tamiya motor gearbox will run with 
decent torque with 6.2V @ 100 mA. if not, im in trouble.
   one more thing. does anyone know of a cheap, small, and good stamp thats 
programmable in BASIC thats under 50$? i dont really know if something like 
that exists, but still. it needs to have at least 5 I/O lines, and have decent 
speed. i dont really care about power consumption though.
   another thing. the DPRG got an ad on page 68 in octobers issue of nuts & 

                                happy roboting,
                                                  Walter Briggs
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