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[DPRG] re:battlebots

Subject: [DPRG] re:battlebots
From: Chuck McManis cmcmanis at mcmanis.com
Date: Sat Oct 18 19:08:01 CDT 2003

At 03:27 PM 10/18/2003, Gordon McComb wrote:
>In my opinion, the "next generation" of battle robot TV show, if there ever
>is one, might be more along the lines of Monster Garage, American Chopper,
>or Junkyard Wars.

No doubt, there is good interest in "building it yourself" shows.

>Watching these machines in the arena time after time gets
>boring for the average viewer. I know it did for me. The process and the
>people might be a lot more interesting than just the carnage.

The strange thing was that the "best" part of Battlebots became the 3 days 
of preliminary bouts running up to the TV rounds. That is where you saw the 
creativity, the energy, and frankly some amazing fights. RobotWars trys to 
keep it interesting with the 'house' bots but again. I agree with Gordon, 
just seeing the same people pit the same bots against each other gets old fast.

>[snip] designed for sponsorship...the occasional STP-style sticker.

There were actually good sponsorship opportunities to provide access to the 
other robotice builders.

>While BattleBots may have had its inside intrique, it seems clear the show
>was cancelled because it was pulling low ratings.

This is incorrect, while the Battlebots ratings had gone down, a number of 
sources from both sides of the fence have corroborated the story that had 
BattleBots agreed to the status quo, CC would have picked up the show for 
at least another season.

It would be interesting if there were more of a "sports" like atmosphere 
(I'm thinking the FIRST competitions have some of that flavor) that could 
be covered by anyone (no exclusive contracts) and allowed for different 
media players to take their coverage into the place they specialized in 
(motion control, statistics, whatever) Don't expect that any time soon 
though :-)


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