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[DPRG] battlebots changed to new DPRG Cross Country Elimination" contest

Subject: [DPRG] battlebots changed to new DPRG Cross Country Elimination" contest
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Sat Oct 18 22:58:00 CDT 2003

I consider the whole battlebot thing a dead issue nowadays.
Humm, maybe a new Mini-Darpa like on off road contest ought to be done
instead. One can take off the battle stuff and reprogram the bot for
running the course.
How about we have autonomous robots run outside the Science Place on a
closed course. For example, they run down the sidewalk for 100 meters,
turn left go across the grass area for 50 meters or so, back up on the
sidewalk, where they turn left and have to negotiate two or three steps
where the side walk changes elevation. Then they go through the creek at
the end of the pond (it's usually a muddy bog like thing, unless it
rained recently), there's a foot bridge for the non-waterproof bots too.
Then it's back up on the sidewalk where they zoom back across the finish
line. A robot can legally take the shortcut across the pond too. :) I
assume it can float, otherwise it gets messy trying to retrieve it.

We just give the robots a set of GPS coordinates and let them go to each
point, sort of like a checkpoint. Other than that they are on their own.
How they get there is up to them as well, no sense having the course
tight and restricted, the GPS coordinates should pretty much handle
that. You usually have about +/- three feet at best accuracy anyway.

Humm... a catchy name is needed.  I can't think of anything catchy at
the moment. Maybe "DPRG Robot Cross Country Elimination". Of course it
would be neat if it had a acronym or something, short and sweet like
"Can-Can, tee-Time would be nice.

When you think about it all sorts of nifty technologies could be
included, but you don't need to spend jillions of bucks to do it.  Most
notable would be to avoid the water trap and go around. :) 

If someone can spend $20K+ on a battle bot, this ought to be right up
their alley. Someone with a $300 bot can do as well as someone with a
$20k bot too. Maybe a whole new craze will be started. But leave the
money prizes  out of it. I hate it when people get way to serious about

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