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From: MannyGerm at aol.com MannyGerm at aol.com
Date: Sun Oct 19 09:37:01 CDT 2003

hey chuck,
                your test would prbably work, but the thing is i dont have a 
few thousand dollars to slam into a wall in the form of a machine. if i did, i 
would prbably do that, but i dont. 
               my mechanism is pretty durable and precise with kevlar shock 
mounted with steel. its going to have either a hammer or a vertical spinner. 
ive bought at least like ten books written about the construction of a combat 
robot. i know tht almost everything can decimate a wedgebot in seconds. so ive 
designed and formulated a lot, but i have like 10$ in my funds. thats against 3 
of 350$ magmotors, 7'^2 of kevlar and steel(790$), a 4 channel r/c 
system(199$), the shock mounting(around 30$), the welding could probably be done by 
someone when i even get a team, then theres the propulsion system(900$), and 
probably some other thing i cant remember. thats just under 3000$ and i have 10. so 
you can see why imm a little ticked off. another thing is i cant find ANYONE 
who wants and knows enough to be on my team. so if you know anyone that wants 
to be on my team, please tell me. i dont want to've thrown away 4 years to 
have something in my mind that i know how to build, but cant build it.

                                happy roboting,
                                                  Walter Briggs
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