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[DPRG] Re: RBNO West Practice Platform

Subject: [DPRG] Re: RBNO West Practice Platform
From: Karim Virani karim at compuguru.com
Date: Wed Oct 22 13:36:01 CDT 2003

That was me.  If you look at the list archives for the end of March you'll see a thread called: 

[DPRG] MiniSumo & Roborama surface option

I ended up ordering some of the portable dance floor material (black PVC variety) and it's very durable.  I cut-out a couple of roll-up minisumo rings and have quite a bit of spare because they sent me the remains at the end of a roll.  It wants to be stored on a large diameter (8" or more) cardboard tube, but I didn't have any so it's a bit kinked-up.  If nobody objects I'm planning on bringing it to next Tuesday's RBNO Central and lay it out on the course toward the end of the evening so it has a week to flatten.  Then we can see how it performs and see if it might be an option for RBNO West.  I'm sure it'll handle the stresses of beerbot and even my 4 wheel drive differential steering bot.  Also I've just discovered that large diameter cardboard tubes are available at home depot as concrete forms - so I'll be better able to store/transport the material in the future.  If stored properly it should take only an hour or so to lay flat.

I was only able to find it in 6 foot widths, but it tapes together easily with black gaffers tape and can even be 'welded' with glue.  The section I have for testing is probably 12' long.

The surface may have one problem.  I tested a minisumo ring very briefly with my minisumo against Randy's.  They're both based on the MarkIII platform so they had similar placement of the IR Sensors.  The bots had trouble finding each other.  I'm not sure if it was due to the lighting in the room or some effect of the robots' congruency, but it could also have been a complication of specular IR reflection from the surface?  I know the surface is a good absorber or IR at high angles of incidence, but maybe low angles have problems.  Needs more testing.

Ongoing crises at work have taken me away from robots since April, but things are shaping up and I'm getting back into the hobby now.

See ya around,


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Sure. Who was it that had the info on the dance floor material?
Otherwise I think if we had an 8x8 wooden deck we would be fine.

> > Something to make a small course with. We have a large concrete
> > floor,
> > but its not smooth enough to run smaller robots on. We were
> > constipating
> > some of that rubber dance floor material or a wooden platform.
> There are still some funds in the Petty Cash that was approved/vote
> taken @ 8/03 meeting.   I will get with Martin to see the exact
> breakdown of funds available.   Can you and Rick work out some
> costs?   We can take any votes in November.    

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