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[DPRG] FW: Friendly robotics auction

Subject: [DPRG] FW: Friendly robotics auction
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Fri Oct 24 09:40:03 CDT 2003

I would say it is worth $100.   It is a nice platform.  I did not like the 
lawn mowing algorithm.  It was a random pattern and in my yard it still 
missed large chunks after running 4 hours.

The DPRG unit is in Eric Yundt's storage.


At 09:22 AM 10/24/03, you wrote:
>Friendly Robotics (the robot lawnmower company) goes under.
>Anywone on the list planning on attending the auction?
>If I could get one of the mowers for $100 or so ($200 max),
>I'd buy it.  Actually, since I never saw the one they gave
>to DPRG, I should ask:  Are they worth $100. ????
>                         - Dan Miner  (in Austin, TX)
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>From: Vernon Graner [mailto:vern at txis.com]
>Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 12:45 AM
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>Subject: Re: [robotgroup] Friendly robotics auction
>In case anyone wants to see it, here's the flyer for the auction from the
>auction house:
>http://tinyurl.com/s07v [PDF document, direct link]
>And from their website (http://www.rosensys.com/auctions.htm), here's the
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>1000s of Robotic Lawnmowers,
>Computer Equipment, Tools & Accessories,
>Furniture, Isuzu Panel Truck
>Auction Date:   Tuesday, November 4th @ 10 AM
>Location:       500 Airline Dr., Suite 20 Coppell, Texas
>Inspection Time:
>         Monday, Nov. 3rd, 10 AM - 2 PM
>         Email us with questions about this Auction!
>For additional information contact us at (972) 248-2266 or email
>kristenw at rosensys.com
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>Pretty sad news when you consider this article on slashdot a couple of
>days ago:
>http://tinyurl.com/s08d [slashdot oct 21rd]
>inline here:
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>Robot Sales Are Exploding
>Posted by michael on Tuesday October 21, @05:05PM
>from the rosie-the-robot-maid dept.
>Roland Piquepaille writes "The United Nations Economic Commission for
>Europe (UNECE) just released its 2003 World Robotics survey. The original
>press release by UNECE has 15 pages in PDF format, while the full report
>represents 380 pages. Here are the three essential findings: robot orders
>in first half of 2003 were up by 26% to the highest level ever recorded;
>worldwide growth in the period 2003-2006 will reach an average annual
>rate of 7.4%; and household robots are starting to take off. "It is
>projected that sales of all types of domestic robots (vacuum cleaning,
>lawn-mowing, window cleaning and other types) in the period 2003-2006 can
>reach some 638,000 units." This overview contains more details including
>a chart showing the growth of domestic robots for the period 2003-2006."
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>Is this a case of "being ahead of your time?" hmmmmm
>PS: I have a roomba and would probably consider a friendly robotics mower
>if someone gets a palet of them cheap!! ;)
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>Alberto Alonso said:
> > It seems that Friendly Robotics went under. There
> > will be an auction in Coppell (DFW area) with over
> > 1000 of the mowers and accessories for sale.
> >
> > Anyone interested?
> >
> > Alberto
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