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[DPRG] Mower engine/blade for sale

Subject: [DPRG] Mower engine/blade for sale
From: Chuck McManis cmcmanis at mcmanis.com
Date: Sat Oct 25 12:49:00 CDT 2003


The grass 'director' of my center bagging Homelite mower broke (its a 
plastic piece that guides the grass from the blade area to the bag in back) 
and the Homelite folks don't carry the part any more. The mower itself runs 
fine, it just can't actually bag grass now.

Given that the engine is a popular component in both combat robotics and 
build your own hovercraft kits, I figured I would offer it to the robotics 
lists to which I'm subscribed in an effort to offset the cost of the 
replacement mower. Its a Briggs & Stratton 3.5HP motor. You can have the 
motor, the mounting bolts, the blade, the blade attachment bushing and a 
bracket that would make a neat template for drilling mounting holes in 
something. Has to be shipped by ground but its not that heavy (probably 
about 25 lbs) and being stored in California its not even rusty or anything.

If you'd like it, make me an offer before Wednesday the 29th. Pictures 
available on request.


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