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[DPRG] Any Suggestions???!!

Subject: [DPRG] Any Suggestions???!!
From: Bassam bassam1981 at terra.net.lb
Date: Sun Oct 26 06:47:01 CST 2003

I am really enthusiastic about robots . I even bought the Lego Mindstorm Invention 2.0 and I am working now on the basic stamp kit. 

However, I am still a beginner in this field. Moreover,I am thinking of a project for my senior project in computer science that involves robots in it.

The problem is I can't get a balanced idea for a senior project. An idea that involves equal parts of robotics as much as computer programming. I was thinking of a scanner for small physical objects to model them later in 3 Dimensions on the computer. I don't know a lot of electronics, just the basics.

For sure I can solder well. I know many electrical components and I can put them together easily, of course after I study the circuit carefully.
So what I need is software programming and robot building. 

Do you have that idea for such a project?
Thank you

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