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[DPRG] Looking for DC Geared Motor for Jack-in-a-Box

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for DC Geared Motor for Jack-in-a-Box
From: Gordon McComb gmccomb at gmccomb.com
Date: Sun Oct 26 10:46:00 CST 2003

The Saturn windshield wiper motors currently on the surplus market are
inexpensive, and ought to have more than enough power. Other than local
surplus shops there, you can find them -- among others -- at Mendelson
(www.meci.com) and Marlin P Jones (www.mpja.com). Cost is about $13, before

-- Gordon

At 09:54 AM 10/26/2003 -0600, Kipton Moravec wrote:
>I am looking for a hefty DC geared motor.   My father-in-law wants to build 
>a big jack-in-the-box for a lawn Christmas ornament.  We are looking at a 
>4'x4'x4' box The head would pop out another 4 feet or so.  This will give 
>you an idea of size.
>I am trying to figure out how to mechanically build it, and decided to use 
>a motor to pull it down and let it pop up by winding and unwinding a 
>cable.  I will try to balance it by using a lever with counter weights, but 
>it will still need a heavier motor than what I normally use for our 
>robots.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Surplus (e.g. low cost) would 
>be great!

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