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[DPRG] Looking for DC Geared Motor for Jack-in-a-Box

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for DC Geared Motor for Jack-in-a-Box
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sun Oct 26 11:10:01 CST 2003

Pneumatics or hydraulics are probably the best way to get the kind of
movement you need for a jack-in-the-box. However, if the lid and head
were counterweighted, its possible the window motors may work provided
you rig up some limit switches.

If you want to try a garage door opener, I have a dead one out in the
yard. However, its has a one-piece screw assembly, so its not gonna fit
in a car.

> garage door openers have more than enough heft and are slowed down.  they
> some times show up at thrift stores without the remotes.  all the motor
> electronics are there.
> but i'm fairly sure they'd not 'free-wheel' to let jack pop up.  as a matter
> of fact they are probably designed not to, so the garage door doesn't crash
> down.
> you'd probably have to mechanically release a winch for one to work.
> or modify the garage door manual release, as well as the length.

> > I am looking for a hefty DC geared motor.   My father-in-law wants to
> build
> > a big jack-in-the-box for a lawn Christmas ornament.  We are looking at a
> > 4'x4'x4' box The head would pop out another 4 feet or so.  This will give
> > you an idea of size.
> >
> > I am trying to figure out how to mechanically build it, and decided to use
> > a motor to pull it down and let it pop up by winding and unwinding a
> > cable.  I will try to balance it by using a lever with counter weights,
> but
> > it will still need a heavier motor than what I normally use for our
> > robots.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Surplus (e.g. low cost) would
> > be great!

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