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[DPRG] RobotPPL needs you!

Subject: [DPRG] RobotPPL needs you!
From: chris cbrenizer at socket.net
Date: Tue Oct 28 18:49:01 CST 2003

OK, here's my spiel.  I'm promoting an email list (no groans please, and my appologies for the big cross post)

It's  RobotPPL at yahoogroups.com 
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A few weeks back i saw a link to a robot i wanted to follow up on, but couldn't remember which of the ~50 robot/microcontroller lists i receive had the link and spent almost two hours looking for it.

So floated the idea of a list that products, events and people's robot links could be posted to by anyone interested in the electronics, robotics, and events.

This way, companies and individuals can more easily find a receptive audience, and maybe, in the long run, it could reduce the same messages appearing across so many lists and, most importantly act as a resource for people to find links to stuff.

By inviting various product producers and experienced people the goal is to provide a forum for a balanced mix and not one that touts only one company or product, or becomes bogged down in my cpu is better than your cpu war.

I'm keeping this short.  Sign up, give it a try, add your page links for your personal robot/product in the appropriate links category in the member section.

chris brenizer
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