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Subject: [DPRG] To the DPRG group
From: Dan Gates topazx2 at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Sep 3 14:19:00 CDT 2003

I am completely in awe of the caliber of this years event here in
Southern Oregon. I never expected it to accelerate to such a huge deal.
I thought some of you might like to know about what's happening at
RoboMaxx this year. I would love to have some of you from Texas attend
this year, here's a partial list of what you can expect.
 Japanese Sumo
 Mini Sumo Beginner and Pro
 Micro Sumo
 Nano Sumo (2.5cm robots)
 Combat robot rentals
 Antweight Combats
 General Open Class robots
 Maze solving robots
 Kids BEAM robot workshop (free robots for kids to build & take home)
 R/C Swap meet (Cheap cheap servos and other stuff)
 A full size R2D2 roaming around
 10 or more Storm Troopers (Cloud City Garrison & others)
 Princess Leia
 Boba Fett
 Imperial guards
 North Americas first Humanoid biped robot (20" tall)
 Tiny Pocket size Toddler style robot walker
 Television station coverage
 14 Robotic related Vendors
  Robot Store
  Hobby Engineering
  Medonis Engineering (with Maxwell)
  Ridge Soft
  Interstate Batteries
  Mild to Wild Hobbies
  ? Solarbotics ?
  and several others
 A Flame throwing robot
 Two movie robots
 Contests projected onto a huge 12'x9' screen
 More prizes than I have time to mention
 Kids Korner (free babysitting for the event with a coloring contest)
 Lego FIRST robots
 Fiber Optic Displays
 Champion Battlebots on display
 How are we ever going to get this all in a two day event!? Stress is
overcoming me... it will be worth coming just to see if I can survive. 
Maybe our shirts should say "I survived the Maxx!" 
 So where else can Canadians compete with Texans, and Seattle compete
with San Francisco? Where else can you see battlebots amongst Nano
Bots? RoboMaxx! Why, because were centrally located between all the
good clubs and diverse enough to encourage everything High Tech! Do you
want to be the one that has to ask everyone else how RoboMaxx was? I
hope no one has to be that person! See you at the Maxx!!! 
RoboMaxx!  http://www.sorobotics.org/RoboMaxx/

Competitors get your bots registered!

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