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[DPRG] Build_My_Line Following_Robot

Subject: [DPRG] Build_My_Line Following_Robot
From: W. E. Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Wed Sep 3 19:51:00 CDT 2003

You have to understand a few things about DPRG's situtation before it begins
to make sense why we do it this way. To start, the DPRG is not (yet) a 501c3
charity. It was voted on and started many years ago but never finished. Only
recently have we voted to start the process again. Although we have some
great vendors that donate prizes, the total amount is never enough to cover
all the contests, so the majority come out of club funds or donations from
the members themselves. Since we are not yet a tax-deductible charity,
monetary donations are few and far between (except from members, who
ironically enough, have already helped by paying their membership fees).

Another consideration is that we hold our contests at a local Science
Museum, which allows us the use of their facilities free of charge (and open
to the public). We couldn't charge an admission, even if we wanted to (which
we don't). We feel this is one of the ways the DPRG serves our community.

We've talked about different ideas off and on regarding the contests, due,
fees, and prizes, but at least for this year and the one's previous, this
seemed like the best solution. Next year, who knows?

Bill Cole
DPRG Secretary

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>  I'm just shocked to hear that your events rely on Memberships, no need
> to get sarcastic.  Our event is funded by several means, Fundraisers,
> local sponsors (by no means lucrative contracts), Vendors, and ticket
> sales to the public who get a day of entertainment for a measly $3.
>  We are very lucky to have great robotic companies who donate prizes in
> return for our promoting their buisness durring the event and
> throughout the year. Most companies are willing to donate prizes
> because it is a means of getting recognized by a large group of
> robotisists and the donation is tax deductable. Aren't your prizes
> donated? Do you buy the prizes for your event with Membership dues? I'm
> not being sarcastic, I just never heard of doing it this way.
>  It's definatly NOT all about the loot, but why would anyone want to
> enter, win, and not get to take the prize? If I enter and my robot
> beats everyone elses robot, who gets the prize? Would I get a trophy? I
> pay my membership Dues to the Robotics Society that I belong to and the
> money goes to make our club better, but if I had to pay dues to
> Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Dallas and every other group that had a
> competition I wanted to compete in then I'd be flat broke and possibly
> never have anything to show for it. Dallas would have more money to
> work with, but I don't benefit from a years worth of dues like your
> local membership does.
>  What Dale was saying in his bit of "Sarcasm" made more sense to me,
> pro-rating to the amount that I'd be a part of DPRG benefits would be
> proper. And it is kinda funny to see what that breaks down to. Hardly
> worth even charging when you look at it in perspective.
>  Oh well, you do things your way and we do them ours. It was just
> strange to hear that you require membership dues from out-of-towners.
>  -Dan

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