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[DPRG] Re: _Build_My_Line Following_Robot

Subject: [DPRG] Re: _Build_My_Line Following_Robot
From: Dan Gates topazx2 at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Sep 3 22:11:01 CDT 2003

 Jeesh don't get in an uproar, I'm not "Trolling".  The statement about
weird messaging system is refering to the way this forum works, I am
constantly going through my mailbox deleting DPRG mail that doesn't
pertain to me. To cut off your return attack, I AM interested in a lot
of what is being discussed here and I've learned to live with the every
day ritual of deleting the rest.  
 Every other Robot group that I know of besides DPRG and Homebrew
robotics uses the Yahoo message system that allows one to simply go to
that groups message board and read only what interests him. With that
type system I can go on vacation or not check my mail for a few days
and not have to worry about my in box filling up. With that system I
can go back a month or more and read & respond to messages. 
 I'm not trying to attack your way of doing things, it's just weird to
me, and who am I that you should get so upset about my humble opinions.
I'm just an out-of-town lurker and very rarely get involved in your
groups affairs. I guess if I paid the membership fees I'd get to vote
on these things, but I've never really felt welcomed by most of DPRG's
membership, though a select few have been friendly.
Sorry for causing a stirr, I'll slip back into my lurking mode.
-Dan Gates

--- "steve at ncc.com" <srainwater at ncc.com> wrote:
> Dan Gates wrote:
>  > It just isn't the way the rest of the clubs do it... but
>  > then you guys do a lot of stuff differently, like this
>  > weird messaging system.
> A mailing list is a "weird messaging system"? Nearly
> every robot group I'm aware of runs some type of mailing
> list or discussion forum. This is begining to sound more
> like a bad attempt at trolling than a serious discussion.
> -Steve
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