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[DPRG] Build My Line Following Robot

Subject: [DPRG] Build My Line Following Robot
From: Charlie W Youngblood chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Thu Sep 4 10:44:01 CDT 2003

	Thanks for all the good ideas! Many of our members
have put forth herculean efforts to help the DPRG. Not only at
contests, but in other areas like the RBNOs that we have every
week. Yes we have at least 3? every week. One is warehouse
space donated by Mike D. in Garland, not to mention all the hours
of work by too many to list to set up that space with a contest
course, work stations, library and oh yes "fine dinning"!  Big :-)
RBNO west is hosted by Rick B. at his business in Grand Prarie
(mid metroplex). RBNO far east is at a fully equiped machine
shop garage. Forgive me for not knowing the hosts name. :-(
Our web site is sponsored by Steve R. We have several com-
mittees from time to time to look into different aspects of the
club and to try to improve it. What I am trying to say is that I am
very proud of our club and appreciate what evey one is doing
to contribute in there own way to this group.
	We love to have visitors from out of town, state, country.
Maybe we could have an award for the contestant that comes from
the farthest distance. At this weeks RBNO Garland Tom G. from
Wiscinson ? was in attendance. He brought a DVD of there contest.
It was cool to meet him face to face. Please consider coming to Robo
Rama. It is held at The Science Place and after the contest you could
see the Omni Theatre, or any of the other cool hands on displays.
There was a robotic arm that shot baskets in one area. You are wel-
come at our contests. :-) BTW if you win and are not a member you
stil get a very nice certificate suitable for framing!
	The link is fine, we get them all the time. As the club grows
who knows how we will do things in the future. Thanks again for your
ideas.  :-)  From your original post your enthusiasm for robotics is
inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian

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>From: Dan Gates <topazx2 at yahoo.com>
To: tester140 at juno.com, dprglist at dprg.org

Charlie, you are very right! $20 is nothing for all the stuff you
listed and I as well happily pay my $24 yearly Dues to the club I
belong to for the same reasons. I also happily scrub cars, hold yard
sales, visit schools, and spend countless hours getting turned down by
potential sponsors to put on a great event where every winner takes
home a prize and a trophy. I am thankfull that there are people in
Dallas that put out great effort to put on a show as well, it just
struck me as odd to hear that only members get prizes. I now understand
why DPRG does it the way it does and I don't have a problem with it. If
it weren't for fear of getting beat to death by showing up to a
RoboRama, I'd most likely still plan to attend one.
 Is it ok for me to post a link to my robot webpage, or would I be out
of place doing that?? I am currently working on a Bipedal walker and
would like to get some feedback. Click on the "My Biped Walker" letters
to see the current state of development. It's actually farther along
now, but I haven't uploaded the new pics. Keep checking the site, I'll
be updating it tomorrow.
If this is not allowed then disregard the link.
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