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[DPRG] Build My Line Following Robot

Subject: [DPRG] Build My Line Following Robot
From: Dan Gates topazx2 at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Sep 4 14:41:00 CDT 2003

Perhaps the following is more of a gray area than you think...

> Concerning the list... Spam is like art:  you know it when you see
> it.  What
> we are trying to avoid is the doom that has befallen everyone else's
> Inbox,
> that is, unsolicited promotional material.  I think the distinction
> here is
> the difference between "mentioning" something, or alerting, or
> whatever you
> want to call it (yes, of course, we want to know about these things)
> and
> "promoting"/"plugging"/"advertising" something.  A simple link to the
> RoboMAXX web site with a quick note like "you guys might be
> interested..."
> will always be appreciated.

 What I consider to be SPAM and UNWANTED commercial advertising is
anything that does NOT pertain to the subject at hand. That being
Robotics. If a message contains anything that might help or inform a
fellow robotisist to advance his hobby, then how can it be considered
SPAM or UNWANTED? I can see banning the Viagra ads and things like
that, but if a company like Parallax has a new exciting product they
want to share with robotisists then shouldn't we show our support? I
know I want to hear about such things! 
 As far as promoting, plugging, and advertising, my posts may sometimes
be taken that way. Like Peter said, "we are who we are", and I am who I
am. I have great enthusiasm for what I do and it always shows through
in the way I post. Some may not like my enthusiasm for robotics, but
that's me. I tend to be elaborate in my descriptions, and when I'm
excited about something it gets REAL elaborate and starts sounding like
a commercial. Take for instance my recent post about RoboMaxx, I wanted
to share my excitement about how the event was comming together, and it
showed. There is NO way that I could have shared all that info by
simply posting "hey, thought you guys might be interested".  That's how
I would post for something like the Segway or Roomba, not RoboMaxx. And
as I said before, I belong to a LOT of online robotics lists, so you
would most likely see a copy of the same thing on another list as well
when it's something I'm really excited about.
 I respect your clubs decisions, and will abide by it's rules when
posting, but I didn't see my posts as being off topic or harmfull to
anyone, even after reading through your ediquite(sp) rules. 

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