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[DPRG] robot to disarm explosive

Subject: [DPRG] robot to disarm explosive
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Fri Sep 5 14:13:01 CDT 2003

It looked to me like the bomb was attached to his neck with a collar
very similar in construction to handcuffs -- doubtful something that
could snip wires would do the job. Not to mention someone going to that
much trouble to make the device would probably include a feature to
prevent removal by force.

The bomb disposal "robots" (by Robot Wars definition) I have seen
typically disable an explosive device by using a small charge to fire a
jet of water into the device, with the goal of disrupting its operation
by breaking it apart. Next time the local FD shows theirs off I will
snap some photos for the list.

At any rate, it appears his story about an unknown person forcing him to
rob the bank is more than likely baloney. I'm willing to bet, when it
all comes out in the wash, that he and his co-worker concocted the whole

> Somebody should have sold the Pennsylvania police a cheap robot to take
> off the explosives that killed that pizza delivery guy.  There must be a
> market for those cheap kind of 1 camera 1 arm 2 finger wheeled robots
> for cutting wires, etc...

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