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[DPRG] can can rules

Subject: [DPRG] can can rules
From: William James polymath2000 at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Sep 6 11:12:01 CDT 2003

I thought that was the case too. I didn't remember the
color of the cans being specified. Well if I can get
it all ready, they will be standard beverage cans. 


--- Jeff Koenig <jkoenig at airmail.net> wrote:
> Originally, the cans were to be unmodified, empty 12
> oz. beverage cans, no
> color specified.  I've seen nearly fluorescent
> colored cans for sale, and
> once had some that were entirely white with only the
> word "Beer" written in
> military stencil.  (I bought these in 1985 from HEB
> in Austin, whilst a
> student.  Close investigation revealed that they
> were made by Pearl)
> I think it was Clay who requested that the cans be
> painted white (for him)
> for a contest back at InfoMart.
> The reason I remember this is that I was the one who
> went outside, at the
> request of Ed Koffeman, and spray painted them. 
> There may still be some
> evidence on the sidewalk by the side door.
> Then, the prevailing attitude was that the color
> could be modified, but the
> can couldn't have any other modifications, such as
> an active beacon or a
> magnet.  I don't think this ever made it into the
> rules, but somehow the
> "white painted" specification did.
> My opinion (I'm not an expert on the rules, and I am
> not on the rules
> committee), is that since Can Can is currently so
> difficult, and has so few
> entries, that any color can could be used, but extra
> points should go to
> someone who is able to use normal, unmodified cans.
> Of course, this is my opinion.  However, I doubt
> anyone will disqualify you
> for using your own cans, as long as they don't have
> some kind of outlandish
> modification.
> -Jeff
> > I am working to enter can can using a CMU cam. But
> I
> > would like to bring my own cans that are not
> painted
> > white. The camera detects color, so them being
> white
> > like the walls would cause it trouble. I thought
> at
> > one time the rules just specified cans not what
> color
> > they were.
> > Comments?
> >
> > Bill james.
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