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[DPRG] Re: new pictures

Subject: [DPRG] Re: new pictures
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Sat Sep 6 16:14:01 CDT 2003


The comparison I don't mind, as long as it is fair. The
misinformation goes WAY over the line. I'm pretty livid at this

> I wasn't trying to shoot down a potential sale for
> you;


I couldn't tell.

Lemme see if that makes sense... No, I doesn't seem to fit...

Closer to the truth might be you're trying to shoot down as much
commercialism on the list as you can, maybe? What is this, a
need to pick on a DPRG sponsor right before the contest? (Seems
one of us always does this every contest to somebody suppling
prizes. It's amazing we get any prizes as a club at all.)

> I was merely trying
> to let Dan know there were alternatives out there.

Yes, you want Dan and everyone on the list to know a $10 chip
can do the same job as a $200 board. BUT! You want them to
ignore system costs. You want them to ignore the inequity in
performance. That's misleading.

People with experience take the time to politely explain that
isn't the whole story, the comparison isn't that simple, and
there's more going on here than simply positioning servos.

You respond by suggesting a $3 chip with 1/4th the processing
rate, and yet half the bus size, can do as good, and you'll
provide free software to do it with. Again, you avoid the system
cost and the inequities...

AND THEN you publically make false claims about my product. You
say it is an incomplete system, and state it was never being
intended to be anything but part of a larger system. Never
You haven't even figured out yet what it is! Sigh!

I guess you might want to take away 5 of the 14 Places/Awards
given at the last Roborama, for having incomplete stand-alone
systems driving them? (Shnoz, Mike-3, R2, and Tarantula-Bot had
IsoPod(TM)s, as their ONLY processor. ServoPod(TM), IsoPod(TM)'s
bigger, more complete brother, wasn't out then.)

The ServoPod(TM) is a complete system that comes with a power
supply and serial cable. Language is installed (IsoMax(TM)).
Manuals and more software (Small C, examples) are provided on
the site. I can demo that to anyone who wants to see, directly
out of the box, plug on a couple servos, and send a couple
serial commands, interactively move then to a position, with no
extra "power supply (or is it two?), connectors, software, etc."

But even that misses the point. I was not arguing my board was a
complete stand alone system, which it actually is. My point was:
to fairly compare apples to apples, you had to look at system

If you want to make a biped controller with the Devantech
controller, and then compare it to Dan's ServoPod(TM), please go
ahead. How 'bout I buy a Devantech for you to get you going?
(I'll give $10 to watch that happen.)

You'll have to buy the ceramic resonator, the PCB, the
connectors, the sockets, the bypass caps, the resistors, low
voltage detection or reset circuit, etc., etc., and then the
whole other processor and board to command it with, any special
cabling for it, the communications package, the compiler or
assembler or what have you, the extra power supplies you
mention, the intraboard wiring and connectorization, do the
programming... be sure to put something in there for your time
doing all this designing, drilling, etching, assembling,
soldering, programming, etc.. Then we'll compare systems when
we're done. By the way, you might as well work to the same
schedule we are, you've got until just before RoboMaxx to
finish, (Oct 11th & 12th), about a month.

The proof is in the pudding. Bring it on!

Care to put your money where your advice is?


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