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[DPRG] New project - need the right wheels

Subject: [DPRG] New project - need the right wheels
From: Jeff Sampson jsampson at pobox.com
Date: Mon Sep 8 12:30:02 CDT 2003

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> From: "Dale Wheat" <dale@********.com>
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> Subject: Re: [DPRG] New project - need the right wheels
> Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 21:15:33 -0500
> Bill,
> Some of the Harbor Freight/Nothern Tool Chinese wheels (cheeep!  $5) can be
> easily modified for chain drive by extending the hub clamp bolts, as the
> bolt pattern matches the pattern on small go-cart sprockets ($9).  I have a
> set already modified, with a dolly axle connecting them (they ride on ball
> bearing - be sure to get wheels with bearings) and some of the other parts
> to use motor/gear boxes taken out of rechargeable drill motors.  I don't
> know if you want something that big, however.  It's 22 inches across and 10
> inches tall, and if you want to add a caster, it would be at least a couple
> of feet long.  Great for running around the yard, but would be off-limits in
> my house.
> Thanks,
> Dale Wheat
> http://dalewheat.com

I would like to present an observation on go-cart sprockets and wheels.

IF you get the wheels from Northern that are meant to be go-cart wheels then the 
patterns match.

I have noticed that MOST other wheels you find have a slightly different hole 
pattern. The diameter of one hole pattern is slightly larger than the other. 
Maybe 1/4"?

Here is how we mounted the sprockets...

We had the 8" diameter pneumatic tire/wheel from Northern. These were originally 
>from large castors. And we had the small (40 tooth?) go-cart sprockets from 

We started with a scrap piece of 2x6 lumber. We cut round pieces (4"?) using one 
of those "expando" bits. Then drilled 4 holes using the sprocket as a template. 
Then we drilled the center hole large enough to clear our axle. When we placed 
the wood block against the wheel we noticed the different diameter. So we just 
used a hand drill and angled the existing hole until it fit the wheel pattern. 
So the long bolts fit through the wood block at a slight angle. It wasn't the 
most precesion mounting but it was okay for our prototype.

The proper way would be to rotate the sprocket 45 degrees and drill new holes on 
the right diameter. Or if you have a mill you can slot the holes so it fits 
either pattern.

So measure your wheels real hard before you buy them. Because at first glance 
they look like they should fit.

Jeff Sampson

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