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[DPRG] SWARC at RoboRama?

Subject: [DPRG] SWARC at RoboRama?
From: . zappepcs at earthlink.net
Date: Mon Sep 8 22:15:02 CDT 2003

Okay, admittedly, I'm not all that active in the DPRG, but a recent new 'toy' has caused me
to have an opinion on this topic. I bought one of the discounted snaptrax spybotics kits, not
just because it was cheap, but because I had hopes to marry it to the mindstorms that I 

I tried the tracks and was kind of disappointed, so dug out a few pieces of the mindstorms
kit and 'modified' it a bit so its a tricycle arrangement with more carpet friendly wheels. (I
don't have a course or garage in my apartment) Just playing with the default modes of the
thing has been a bit of fun. I managed to find the 'find the controller' mode and let it run for
hours like that, banging unnoticeable scratches in the dinning furniture :)

It also has an RC mode. Some of us don't like that so much, but I have an RC car that I use
as a method to mindlessly numb down after a brain-drainer of a day at work, and the RC mode
is 'fun' in that respect. I can see contests with these in the T-Time course with all the spybots 
at one end, and the controllers at the other, sort of a crash up derby of a race to the respective 
controller. That would be for fun, and showing off toys at roborama or whatever.

Personally, I don't see what the problem is with a joint effort at educating the general public
and enticing them to the real deal no matter what their original interest was. By the same
token, we do support sumo, and I can't see any problem with a more "assertive" contest with
some larger autonomous robots.... viewed from a much longer distance of course. :) To me,
it seems that both sides could and should share a bit of experience and learned mistakes. I
think that a 2 amp H-Bridge isn't going to do much for a windshield wiper motor, so building
larger bots takes some different experience. Like-wise, building smarter ones than an RC
controller can manage also takes different experience. It was my understanding that despite
some purist contingents, the DPRG was about learning.... I would think it is worth a try to 
learn a bit, share a bit, and just have fun ????


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