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[DPRG] Help making a dual threaded shaft

Subject: [DPRG] Help making a dual threaded shaft
From: Drummond, John j-drummond1 at ti.com
Date: Tue Sep 9 18:00:02 CDT 2003

  I don't know how to make the dual threaded shaft, but I do know a fairly
inexpensive wood working clamp
you could "liberate" exactly what you need from.  Are you familiar with the
clamps used in wood working that
give parallel clamping?  They are two pieces of wood with two threaded
inserts going through the two pieces of
wood.  (any wood workers, help me out with the official name if my
description makes any sense).  The
threaded inserts have handles that you rotate and it makes the two pieces of
wood move.  The threaded
shafts can be 12 inches long depending on the size of clamp you buy.  Half
way down the shaft the direction
of thread reverses so rotating the shaft in one direction causes both pieces
of wood to either move together
or apart.  

  Does my description make sense?

John Drummond
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