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[DPRG] Walker has a body frame now

Subject: [DPRG] Walker has a body frame now
From: Peter Brunone peter at brunone.com
Date: Fri Sep 12 08:58:00 CDT 2003

	When you sent this email, I though his name was Walker.  Works
for me...

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Subject: [DPRG] Walker has a body frame now

 I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with my biped! Some of you
have been following my progress and it's almost ready to take it's first
steps. I received my ServoPod (thanks Randy & New Micros for all your
hard work!) and I plan to have it hooked up with a simple stretching
exercise working by Saturday evening. I may try a live webcast even with
my slow dialup connection. If that doesn't work, I'll at least get a
short video posted of it's first stretches. 
 Take a look at the body frame; try to imagine the skin on it. I posted
one picture of the front piece that will resemble a tuxedo. This Robot
is still NAMELESS; I'd like to hear some thoughts on a good name. So far
I've been thinking ARBii for Advanced Robotic Biped for intelligent
interaction. This name is Ok, but for some reason it makes me hungry for
a Roast Beef and cheddar.


More to come soon!

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