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[DPRG] SWARC at our contest.

Subject: [DPRG] SWARC at our contest.
From: rten at new.metronet.com rten at new.metronet.com
Date: Fri Sep 12 13:35:01 CDT 2003

Excellent points backed by good reasoning!

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, R. Steven Rainwater wrote:

> Everybody else is throwing in their two cents on this one, so here's
> mine. I remember when the DRPG meetings were part of the Infomart super
> saturday event. There were tables and meetings for not just one other
> geeky organization but dozens. This never caused anyone to get confused
> about what the DPRG was. It never caused the DPRG to lose it's
> direction. But what it did do was expose a lot of people to our group
> that would never have known about it otherwise. We always had lots of
> vistors at the meetings in those days who just wandered in from some
> other user group and our members visited a lot of meetings for other
> groups just because they were there and looked interesting.
> That's really all we're talking about here. SWARC is going to be in the
> same room with DRPG. That isn't going to cause the DPRG to start
> building R/C combat machines any more than having Apple Corp of Dallas
> meeting in the same room at Infomart caused us to drop robots and become
> obsessed with hypercard stacks. It's just going to bring in more people
> who have some shared interests. And if we get spectators who are
> confused about the differences, having both groups there will help make
> it clear that there is a distinction - they can talk to both groups
> decide what it is they're most intersted in and join the right one.
> -Steve
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