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Subject: [DPRG] BGA Package....
From: Rick J. Bickle rbickle at swbell.net
Date: Fri Sep 12 17:59:01 CDT 2003

You could always flip the BGA package over and solder tiny 30Ga. Wires
>from each pad to a pin on a DIP socket...

I've done similar things for prototyping.


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You would spend more time with productive coding because you would have
no design time, construction time, and definitely no troubleshooting
time. A processor of the sort he is referring to takes more than a
resonator and a regulated power supply to work. 

> But what would you learn?

> For all the time and effort you would waste laying out and building a 
> board, you could probably buy several single-board pentium I / II / 
> III computers.
> **************
> >  
> > Do you know if using ICs with BGA package is possible for us? I can 
> > solder TQFP packages by hand, but what can we do about BGA package?
> > Generally, I'm looking for a CPU/microcontroller to use. Processing 
> > power of 10 MIPS or so would be fine. I prefer a 32-bit CPU but a 
> > 16-bit CPU may be fine enough. I need it to be easy to solder (or 
> > has proper socket), can be used with a 2-layer PCB, has a low cost C

> > compiler (and preferably, a low cost real time OS), has easy memory 
> > interface and so on. Having internal flash and RAM will help much. 
> > Some thing with 1MB RAM, 1MB flash, some timers, Ethernet port and 
> > some GPIO would be excellent.

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