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[DPRG] Hello Guys

Subject: [DPRG] Hello Guys
From: RoboVac robovac at mninter.net
Date: Fri Sep 12 22:51:01 CDT 2003

Well for our floor cleaning robots I keep saying, "A half ton scrub bot
running amuck gives new meaning to the term fatal crash".

William Crolley
Senior Engineer
Robo Vac Systems Inc.

> Is it just me, or does anyone else see the humor in a robot big enough to
> a fridge running over little children.... like a 50's sci-fi horror movie
gone wrong,
> a rube goldberg with a brain and an appetite for small humans LOL The
> first robotic doorman in the making.... the kind that lets you in without
> the cover if you have a PDA or something like that :)
> on the other hand, I was thinking of accomplishing the beerbot by
modifying a
> small fridge, so it opens for the bot when the bot is close enough to
signal it,
> and only contains beer... modifications would include upright gravity fed
> stalls, much like the ones you see plastic bottles in at the 7-11. That's
an easier
> target to design for in my opinion. The next trick is to get a universal
> control for the home theater system that has a BEER button on it. Maybe an
> on-screen beer selection guide etc...
> Perhaps its just late, and I'm tired and rambling....
> SZ

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