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[DPRG] dinner at RBNO

Subject: [DPRG] dinner at RBNO
From: William James polymath2000 at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Sep 16 05:46:01 CDT 2003

So we need someone to organize Dinner. I am suggesting
that today we have Fried Chicken either from Popeyes
or KFC. A couple of people bring buckets. The rest
pitch in with the sides and drinks.  How does that
sound. I like Popeyes. 

I will be running late and plan to get there around
7pm.  I will pitch in on the money to cover some of
the costs.  I will be coming from Arlington after
looking at womens feet for 4 hours. I am doing bone
density screenings for two weeks. Its a job.  I feel
like Al Bundy. 

Bill James

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