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[DPRG] stirring the pot

Subject: [DPRG] stirring the pot
From: Doug Evans douglasee at worldnet.att.net
Date: Sat Sep 20 22:15:01 CDT 2003

and some folks may have left "collage" too soon...<g>


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Hi Ed

> > Of course the liberals build better robots...
> Perhaps that is because none of them ever left collage to get a real job.
> :)

who would that be?

> > And that must be a source of constant humiliation to folks long
> > to having their critical thinking done for them by radio talk-show
> > entertainers.
> That is still better than having their critical thinking done for them by
> the French.

I'd call it a toss up.

We miss you here, Ed!  Come visit!


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