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[DPRG] 4-hour contest

Subject: [DPRG] 4-hour contest
From: rljordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sun Sep 21 16:16:00 CDT 2003

RoboRama Roboteers,

I like the idea of A, B, and C level events 
for the RoboRama contests!

Perhaps, we would call the levels:
A level = professional
B level = advanced
C level = normal roboteers

Long email follows. Just delete if not interested.
Submitted for your consideration.
See below.

Bob Jordan

A, B, & C level events for the RoboRama. 

1. What about a contest a week before the Roborama
to "qualify" for the "A" and "B" level Roborama events?

Then at the Roborama:
2. The robots that previously qualified for
the "A" level event would run first.
One robot per owner, if needed, to apportion our time.
Limit the time for this event, if needed
to make sure everyone gets to run at least one robot.

2. Then the "B" level qualified robots could run in a 
"B" event catagory. One robot per owner, to save time.

3. "C" Level
 Next, if wanted/needed, others could run their robots:
 A. those that have not run any robot. One robot per person
 B. those that have another robot, that qualified
     for the "A" level event, that they want to run.
 C. those that have another robot, that qualified
    for the "B" level event, that they want to run.
 D. those that have robots that did not qualify
    for the "A" or "B" level events, and have a second robot to run.

A. This way the Roborams event could run until we need to end it.
B. Judges and their support team would have time to 
   complete the judging and awards, etc.
   This assumes most, or all, awards would be given for the 
   winners from the "A" and "B" level only.Perhaps, 
   give certificates for the other "winners".
D. The mad rush to get your robot running would still
   be there. The deadline seems to inspire results.
E. You would get a week to work on and improve your 
   robots "personality" before the contest you have
   already qualified for.
F. More fun times watching others robots perform or smoke:-!
G. I don't have to compete against  DPA, Clay, and the other 
   ominous "A" level event contenders :-)

Perhaps, any robot belonging to "out-of-towners" not 
able to attend the pre-qualifying event, could qualify 
an hour before roborama. We might want them to register
in advance to do this, so we can plan better.
This shouldn't contribute too much to difficulty
of managing things or extend the time for the A or B
events, much.


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